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Learning how to be more open-minded

There's no denying that businesses in the creative and marketing sectors are struggling to find the right staff. This comes down to the fact that they, along with a lot of other industries in the UK, are facing significant talent shortages.

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Your People Are Your Business

An ex-client was running a successful agency around 10 years ago. When I say successful, I mean really successful. Awards were being won, clients loved them, everyone wanted to work there etc. The guy who started it couldn’t believe his luck, but over the years, there was a sizeable shift in his attitude. 

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What Creative Marketing Looks Like In 2017

Back in the day, creative marketing had somewhat of a bad name in the business world. A friend who's worked in marketing for a number of years summed this up during a recent email conversation. 

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Do You Only Need To Ace Three Questions In A Job Interview?

Working with marketing, digital and creative businesses on a daily basis, I’m aware that candidates sometimes get asked some ridiculous interesting interview questions. 

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Is Money The Biggest Motivator?

“How much does it pay?” is a question I get asked less and less from candidates. No, this isn’t a case of people selling themselves short, but more about the shifting priorities of today’s jobseekers. 

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