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The Interview Red Flags Employers Need To Look Out For

I've previously discussed the importance of job interviews in a candidate-driven market and how employers are increasingly finding themselves in the hot seat. Although true, this doesn't mean employers have to roll over and play dead. Let's face it, some candidates say and do things that make hiring them impossible. 

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Can You Be Successful in Marketing While Working Part-Time?

For a long time, there’s been an assumption across most industries that getting ahead at work is largely based on working long hours and putting the needs of the company above your own. As a recruiter in the marketing sector, I’ve found this attitude to be particularly prevalent, with teams working exceptionally long days to meet deadlines and plough through work, from the executives right up to the managing director.

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The Seven Questions Google Has Stopped Asking Candidates

It was reported this week that Google, constantly voted one of the best companies in the world to work for, has had to stop asking certain interview questions due to the fact they’re too difficult. Now, I’ve covered this topic before in a previous blog where I stated how much daft interview questions really annoy me.

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Fake Data: Sorting the Wheat from the Chaff

I don’t know about you, but I was quite pleased with myself when I managed to wrap my head around Google Analytics for the first time. Finally, I was able to see just how many visitors we were getting to the Henry Nicholas website and the journey they took. Marketing team assemble, we have a campaign to plan that’s based on good quality data!

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Why Recruitment Winners Make Bold Choices

From Marlon Brando to Princess Leia, renegades have always taken bold decisions which mark them out as original thinkers and groundbreakers. As we seek out our bold new employee, I thought I would share my thinking about why some of the most successful people within the recruitment industry share the characteristics of the renegade.

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