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Partnership is key

Dl Geditted
Talent is hard to find and it’s only going to get harder! Businesses are struggling to find the right people, fact.

There is simply a lack of skills, new roles are being created with no understanding of what the right candidate looks like, and businesses are trapped in traditional hiring processes.

In house recruiters rely on the varied sourcing model, complementing their capability with external recruiter’s support. Most businesses favour a PSL, but if asked about PSL effectiveness would the majority agree it worked?

In today’s world we are seeing more and more collaboration between corporates on the delivery of large scale projects, doesn’t it make sense to collaborate with recruitment suppliers too? Would this not lead to improvements in quality, cost and time to hire?

I see the major problem with the PSL model being the relationship between recruiter and client becoming transactional. In a tight market where skills are hard to find and candidates difficult to attract, there needs to be more of a strategic partnership.

There is an increasing desire for recruiters to be able to provide insights such as workforce planning and innovative sourcing. This can only be delivered successfully through a collaborative partnership.

What benefits are there to an in-house team to work collaboratively with a recruiter I hear you ask?
  • Strategic insights – a good recruiter can become the eyes and ears in the market. Advising on remuneration trends, skills shortages, locational data and how to approach relevant candidates. Market intelligence and a view on what motivates job seekers in differing sectors can really help the client understand complexities surrounding certain roles.
  • Employer brand exposure – in a close working partnership the recruiter will gain a detailed understanding of the client’s employer brand, values and purpose. They can communicate the benefits of working for their client and navigate the best candidates through the process.
  • Improved candidate experience – the recruiter can be a trusted advisor that can let the client know if that experience is falling short, and impacting negatively on their chances of securing the best candidate.
  • Recruitment becomes proactive – when the partnership works well and there is trust and belief in each other’s approach, then talent acquisition becomes proactive.

In a market where there is huge demand for staff and only a limited pool to pick from recruiters (both internal and external) need to drop the “them and us” mentality and find ways to work successfully together. Partnerships need to be formed and commoditising recruitment must end! Does this resonate with you? At Henry Nicholas partnership is key to what we do.  If you are interested in a chat, please drop me a line.

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