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Our favourite campaigns of 2018 so far (and some that missed the mark)

Kfc Fck Chichen Page 2018
It’s only March, but we’ve already been treated to a number of fantastic creative campaigns from a wide range of our favourite brands. The Henry Nicholas team is always on the lookout for campaigns that are memorable for all of the right reasons and we’ve put our heads together to bring you some of our favourites so far...
We loved

FCK! The KFC ‘chicken crisis’
It wasn’t like KFC was planning a campaign in response to its epic delivery fail, but you can’t fault the company’s masterclass in PR crisis management. Like everyone else in the UK, we wondered how the Colonel was going handle a crisis that saw the world’s most famous chicken place closing its doors due to a lack of chicken. Apart from the amusing banter between KFC’s social media team with rival restaurants, we loved the full-page advert in the Metro with its punch-to-the-face FCK headline.

Lloyds Bank - Get the inside out
We like adverts that make us think, so the focus on mental health in the latest Lloyd’s adverts caught our eye. Created by Adam & Eve/DDB, the ads feature a combination of celebrities, members of the public and Lloyd’s employees exploring some of the common misconceptions about mental health conditions.

Squarespace - Make it happen
Shown at this year’s Super Bowl, Squarespace’s offbeat, inspirational advert was directed by Jonathan Glazer and features Keanu Reeves surfing a motorbike (yes, really). While it might not sound like much, we like how reminiscent it is to some of the great Honda adverts of the last decade. Plus, any advert featuring John Wick gets the thumbs up from us.

British Heart Foundation - Thank you
Unlike a lot of awareness adverts, this little beauty created by Misha Newby and MullenLowe London is an absolute pleasure to watch. The ad shows animated hearts beating in the chests of people from a variety of backgrounds and we love it.

The ones we didn’t get

Twitter - Let’s go Twitter
We love a bit of Twitter and we’re big fans of comedian Romesh Ranganathan who takes the starring role in this particular ad, but everything else has just got us scratching our heads. As adverts go, it’s perfectly fine but Twitter has been around since 2006 so do we really need to be introduced to the platform for the first time?

On the Beach Holidays - Let’s get you to the beach
We understand that Cheetham Bell JWT’s advert isn’t taking itself seriously, but does it really need to be that creepy? The weird sandcastle man was made as a joke (we hope), but the lingering shots after each ‘anecdote’ make everything a bit awkward and creepy.

What are your favourite adverts of the year so far? And which make you want to switch off? We’d love to hear your comments.