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Holiday season: The ideal time to recruit?

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It’s the end of the summer holidays, and most businesses are back to full strength, which means now’s the perfect time to embark on your recruitment drive. Or is it? In an age of industry-wide talent shortages, a question mark remains over whether recruiting during a time when your competitors are at their most active actually makes sense.

Research conducted by Executives Online revealed that while the number of roles advertised in December is 35% lower than average, the number of applicants remains approximately the same. In addition, the second-lowest month for job openings is August, meaning that during these periods applicants have fewer roles to choose from and apply for, therefore reducing the competition for talent significantly.

While it’s too late to take advantage of the summer, the Christmas holidays are around the corner, and here are some more reasons why this could be the ideal time of year for your business to secure talent.

Fight the freeze

It’s extremely common for businesses to freeze all recruitment during August and December, with some agencies closing down completely over the Christmas period. Aside from the reason of having a depleted HR team, businesses are more inclined to wait until the springtime to hire when budgets have been finalised, in turn eliminating your top competition in the race for talent. 

Pip competitors to the post

Holiday seasons can lead to recruitment processes slowing to a glacial pace, with final decisions delayed until key decision-makers return from annual leave. This means that, even if a major competitor does continue recruiting all year round, you may still be able to secure the best candidates providing you can make decisions faster.

Engage your audience

Holidays provide a time to relax, gain perspective and take stock of your career. Smart employers can take advantage of this and proactively propose new and exciting career opportunities to those who are reconsidering their future. Additionally, due to the financial outlay that a holiday season can bring, individuals can decide it’s time to look for a job that pays more money. So, if your organisation offers excellent salaries, it’s worth highlighting them in any job adverts you run over the holidays.

Get social

An approaching holiday season sometimes sees a dip in workplace productivity as employees wind down and get ready for a break. As a result, social media usage during office hours can increase. Bad news for employers in regards to productivity, but a golden opportunity for you to engage with potential employees, whether that’s by sending an InMail to introduce yourself or using sponsored posts to promote your latest vacancies.

Recruitment intelligence

While holidays can provide the ideal opportunity for you to capitalise on recruiting fresh talent, you may simply be unable to put strategies into practice due to a depleted workforce. That’s where a recruitment partner can help. By working with a professional recruiter, businesses have access to a dedicated team of experts who consistently work for you all year round to find the right people at the right time.

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