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Our top 10 highlights from #BDF2018

Bath Digital Festival

If you’ve been following our social feeds over the last couple of weeks, you might have noticed that the Henry Nicholas team had a fantastic time at this year’s Bath Digital Festival! We’ve rounded up our top 10 talks and workshops that still have us talking and debating in the office.   

1. AI vs Human Creativity: Rob McGowan and Toby Brown from Edit

Rob’s topical take on the divisive nature of AI and how technology can stir emotion had HN’s Dan Carne questioning the rise of the machines and technological bias.

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2. Grow Your Agency: Janusz Stabik from The GYDA Initiative

HN principal consultant Tony Allen got stuck into Janusz’s insightful workshop, talking to other business owners about differentiation and growth in agency land. He came away inspired and armed with fresh ideas to help further our internal brand into the future.

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3. New Frontiers in Digital Creativity: Kate Gorringe from Mr B and Friends

We thought Kate’s insight into the creative industry from pre-Mac days through to the present day was fascinating. Tony commented: “I didn’t quite appreciate the impact that graphic design software had when Macs first arrived in the studio, with crafting roles like the Typesetter losing their place in the market almost overnight.”

Kate proved that traditional creative and digital can still have a symbiotic relationship, as demonstrated by Mr B and Friends’ work for GB Basketball as well as Ikea’s Toy Box Project.

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4. New Frontiers in Digital Creativity: Jamie Elull from Supple Studio

Jamie’s journey from design student to setting up the highly respected design and branding agency Supple Studio was a fascinating insight into the depth of a creative mind.

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5. New Frontiers in Digital Creativity: Ben Steers from Fiasco Design

Ben showed that passion projects are the way forward, showcasing Fiasco Design’s ingenious interactive map of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi which helped to win the agency a lucrative new client in Mexico.

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6. New Frontiers in Digital Creativity: Ed Robin from Mytton Williams

Ed showed some great examples of how a creative agency can take a corporate brand and make it stand out including how Mytton Williams helped law firm Rawlison Butler reinforce their reputation with existing clients and educate their target audience in the quality of their approach.

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7. New Frontiers in Digital Creativity: Nick Ellis from Halo

Nick told the story of Coke’s rebrand mishap (discussed in last week’s blog), and the great work Halo has been doing for Live Nation.

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8. Designing a Better World: Merle Hall and Craig Whiteman from Kinneir Dufort, Simon Miller from 3Keel, Matt Golding from Rubber Republic

Our consultant Sam Kacher was blown away by Matt Golding’s approach to declining work from companies that he doesn’t morally agree with. Matt spoke at length about how to say no through asking questions, scoping out the ultimate purpose of the project and the company’s moral standing to maintain integrity.

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9. Cultures not Vultures:  Ash Phillips from Yena, Bryony Farmer from Precious Stars, George Hart from Tobooka, Alicia Teagle from Socially Responsible Recruitment

HN consultant Emma Whitting enjoyed this thought-provoking talk that gave insight into company culture and empowering people to think for themselves. Tobooka’s George stated: “Deliver flexibility and people will over-deliver for you.”

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10. The Secrets of Social Media: Paul Wickers from Huggg, Bruno Forte and Patricia Powell from Swoon Gelato

Our Consultant Mark Trist was especially impressed to hear from Huggg and Swoon about their experiences of starting up and building a business, and the crucial role that social media and content engagement made to their success.

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It was another fantastic year at the Bath Digital Festival, and we can’t wait to return next year for more interesting and exciting insights.