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Celebrating 10 years of Henry Nicholas!

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It’s not every day that your business turns 10 years old, and we want to mark the occasion by looking back at our fantastic decade in recruitment...


What better time to start a business than amid a global recession? I’ve always enjoyed a challenge, so with a decade of recruitment experience under my belt and The Fear by Lily Allen blasting from the radio (it was number one, I couldn’t avoid it), I fired up my laptop, and Henry Nicholas was born. To cement my place as a real business owner, I made a stationary order that included 1,000 envelopes. #Winning

Learning curve

While Trump was learning how to bully lead on The Apprentice in preparation for becoming the leader of the free world, I was growing the Henry Nicholas team to meet with client and candidate demand. From day one, the world of marketing & PR, data & insight, digital, technology and creative refused to stand still thanks to the emergence of programmatic advertising and new social platforms which changed the game beyond recognition.

One of the most important lessons we’ve learned is to keep adapting our approach to recruitment. Traditional recruitment practices are dead, with social media and digital marketing now key to ensuring a seamless experience for both of our clients and candidates.

Also, our team concluded that suits are well and truly out, and personal expression is in.


Fast forward 10 years and our client numbers have doubled, which is no mean feat in a time that sees increased competition in our space. What we’re most proud of is that we continue to work with the clients who were with us from day one.

We’ve also welcomed lots of new faces to the Henry Nicholas team along the way and celebrated our company successes together on trips to New York, Las Vegas, Dublin, Prague, Barcelona, Croatia, Portugal, Palma, and most recently skiing in Bulgaria!

Being based in Bristol has always been a massive advantage for us too. The city has become a real hot spot for technology and creative industries to supplement an already booming financial sector, with further growth expected here in the future.

And as for those 1,000 envelopes, I’ve only just got through them.

10 Years at Henry Nicholas

  • Four weddings
  • Three babies (one more on the way!)
  • Eight tattoos
  • Cost of lunch in Bristol has doubled
  • Beards are now trendy
  • We’ve killed five coffee machines

Be part of the next 10!

As Henry Nicholas continues to grow, we’re looking for talented and driven recruitment professionals and trainees to join our team in Bristol. If you’re interested in making waves in recruitment, then you can apply to join us here