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Our favourite campaigns of 2019 (so far)

Greggs Vegan

March might not be over, but we’ve already been spoilt for choice this year when it comes to creative campaigns. While some have hit the spot, others have generated controversy and sparked heated debates on social media. Whatever the reaction, we think the following campaigns nailed it when it comes to brand awareness.

The best a man can get?

We take a trip across the pond for our first memorable campaign. In January, Gillette showcased its new take on the established ‘The Best a Man Can Get’ slogan in a campaign from Grey. It took a bold stance against bullying and sexism, looking to men to take responsibility to be better. The video, which went viral on social media, amended the slogan to ‘The Best a Man Can Be’ and caused quite a stir. While traditional audiences recoiled from the message, it generated a positive reaction from mainly women and young men who praised the brand for its bold stance. 

A quarter of a century of Predator

We’re a sucker for a nostalgia trip, and although watching David Beckham and Zinedine Zidane sit on a sofa watching football clips doesn’t tug at the heartstrings, we still harbour a soft spot for it. Created by Iris, the footballing pair wear the gold and white Adidas Predator boots they donned back in the early 2000s when they played for Real Madrid.

A much-needed shot of British pride

This advert arguably dropped at a time when the British public needed it the most! ‘Made by Britain’ created by Ogilvy shows the people, ideas and values that British Airways believe sum up our nation. Featuring a host of famous personalities including Oscar-winner Olivia Colman and champion boxer Anthony Joshua, the advert captures everything people love about Britain from our penchant for tea to the grit we display when things get tough.

And finally...THAT vegan sausage roll

Greggs is a British high street staple and has never been afraid to poke fun at itself when it comes to marketing. However, everything stepped up a gear in January when the baker revealed the launch of its first vegan sausage roll and was propelled into the headlines within hours. The video that the company created for the roll received more than 5 million views, with related posts receiving 100,000s of interactions across social media, including an infamous exchange with morning TV antagonist Piers Morgan. Well done, Greggs!

What campaigns stood out for you? Stay tuned to the Henry Nicholas blog for more opinions and insights into all things creative.