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3 ways to become a most-wanted marketing employer

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It’s never been more important to step up your candidate game.

In this digital age, marketing talent can have a huge impact on your bottom line. This realisation is driving fierce competition. And, as employers battle it out to secure the best people, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. This fight for marketing talent is only going to get fiercer. With McKinley Marketing Partners, predicting in their 2019 Hiring Trends Report, that 62% of marketing managers will look to grow their teams in 2019. So, how do you become an employer of choice?   

We have brought together some simple tips to help you become a most-wanted employer for marketing talent. 

Make Candidate Engagement a Priority

In a talent-short marketplace, candidates have the luxury of choice. And first impressions count. Every touch point you have with a candidate, from setting up an interview to discussing benefits is a chance for them to see who you are, and negative experiences can hurt your chances of landing the best people. Make sure that you create a process based on people, not transactions, and build meaningful relationships with candidates from day one.

Keep Things Simple

The more complicated your processes, the more likely candidates are to walk away or simply not take a closer look. If it takes hours to navigate complex forms or they can’t find the information they need quickly online, you’re going to lose people fast. This is even more important in marketing roles, where clunky processes and systems are going to be a red flag to digitally-aware candidates. Streamline your process, use smart technology, and make it easier for people to connect.

Think Outside The Capital

In the UK, London has traditionally been the home of marketing talent and many organisations start their search there. But the market has evolved, and such a narrow search could hurt your chances of success. We are seeing amazing marketing talent coming out of every region in the UK. And right now, we have a wealth of candidates in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, and Hertfordshire. Think bigger and look further – it could be game-changing for your organisation.

Looking to grow your talented team? Henry Nicholas can help make it happen. As specialist marketing and PR, data and insight, digital, technology and creative recruiters working across the UK, we know the people who can make a big difference in your business. Find out more, here, or contact us on 0117 317 8103 to talk marketing, talent, and connecting with the best candidates around.

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