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5 in-demand cyber security skills for 2019

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Make sure you’re ready for the next big thing in security tech.

Cyber Security is big business. As systems, and the technology that powers them, become increasingly complex, it gets tougher to defend sensitive data and information from attack. Cyber Security experts are the front line of defence for organisations everywhere. Implementing the digital walls that allow companies to focus on what they do best, their core business. But what skills does a Cyber Security professional need to succeed in 2019? And, how can candidates and experts future-proof their CVs?

We explore the top in-demand skills for Cyber Security professionals today, below.

1. Penetration Testing and Intruder Detection

It’s impossible to know where a system’s weaknesses lie without regular and detailed testing. Penetration testing allows Cyber Security experts to find out where the weak links are before a hacker does. This is vital in maintaining an organisation’s long-term security. Intruder Detection similarly helps to prevent an attack from turning into a catastrophe. A specialised skill set that enables experts to explore potential threats from every angle is incredibly valuable.  

2. Cloud Security

In the days before the cloud, information was stored in a physical location. This made it easier to both control and defend. Today, cloud platforms are ubiquitous and that puts cloud security skills at the top of most-wanted lists everywhere. Roles like Cloud Security Architect have become increasingly sought after in recent years and remain a high priority for many organisations.

3. DevSecOps

It may be a mouthful to say but DevSecOps roles are growing fast. This relatively new field is all about bringing security into the app development process at a much earlier stage. This helps to build stronger systems from the ground-up. Cyber Security professionals who have experience in development or who can show an aptitude for working in multi-disciplinary teams are likely to find themselves in high demand.

4. Encryption

Encryption has been around forever but in a rapidly evolving digital world, it remains vital. The last line of protection for many cloud-based platforms, encryption is a skill that can’t be overlooked. As the focus of cyber attacks evolves and diversifies, we should expect a boom in the demand for specialist encryption skills.

5. Internet of Things (IOT) Security

We live in a hyper-connected world. These connections, while incredibly useful, can leave systems and organisations vulnerable as hackers try to squeeze in between the gaps of myriad interconnected devices and networks. IOT security experts with specialist knowledge of IOT hacking, threats, and attack countermeasures are likely to find themselves on most-wanted lists.   

There you have it. The key specialisms that organisations need to be searching for. And the skills that  could help you to stand out in a competitive talent market. Cyber Security never stands still and neither should you. Brush up on the latest security technology and skills to make sure you don’t get left behind. 

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To learn more about Henry Nicholas and our service offering, clear here to download our Client Brochure.