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Welcome to the home of UK tech: London, Swindon, and the M4 corridor


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Consultant Graeme Einfelds talks about the tech explosion that transformed a once uninspiring stretch of motorway and the Cyber Security skills that are in demand for the organisations who call it home. 

London has long been a powerhouse for the world's biggest tech organisations. It’s a truly international capital that still dominates the tech landscape. But around 20 years ago, things started to shift. The easy transport links offered by the M4 started to attract some of the biggest and most groundbreaking companies in the world. The Thames Valley, Berkshire, and Swindon evolved into vibrant tech hubs, becoming home to Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, and many more industry giants. Sometimes dubbed ‘Silicon Alley’, this sprawling area – inclusive of London – is a key location for many technology professionals, including Cloud and Cyber Security experts.

Cyber Security Skills in Demand

Cyber Security experts are some of the most in-demand tech professionals in the world right now. In fact, TechRepublic named them as one of the 10 most-wanted roles of 2019. Much of this demand in the UK is being driven by London, Swindon, and the M4 corridor. Last year, Crucial Academy released the 2018 Cyber Security City Rankings and Reading topped the table as the best city for Cyber Security professionals. It seems that Silicon Alley will continue to be a vital home for Cyber Security talent, and that’s certainly something that I see reflected in demand from clients and candidates.

Competition for Top Tech Talent

Despite the concentration of technology organisations along the M4 corridor and in London, and the growing digital skills gap in the UK, competition is still fierce for the top jobs in this booming area. Experienced security candidates with accredited certification are some of the most sought after. While candidates who are able to demonstrate a real passion for the rapidly evolving world of security technology are those who are most likely to stand out from the crowd.

If you’re searching for great talent or your next big move in Cyber Security or Cloud technology, get in touch. I work with candidates and organisations throughout London, Swindon, and the M4 corridor. Come say hello on LinkedIn or reach out at to find out more.

About Graeme

Graeme is an experienced recruitment consultant with a passion for all things tech. He has been working in talent for over 5 years and uses his impressive market expertise to connect the best Cyber Security and Cloud professionals with leading organisations in London, Swindon, and the M4 corridor.

To learn more about Henry Nicholas and our service offering, clear here to download our Client Brochure.