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5 ways to impress at a digital marketing agency interview

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Make sure your first impression counts with our Digital Marketing Agency interview tips. 

Digital marketing experts are in high demand as more and more brands shift their budgets away from traditional marketing into the digital space. But having sought-after expertise doesn’t make the interview process any less daunting. What if you say the wrong thing? Or forget the answer to an important question? How do you make sure you are a candidate who gets remembered for all the right reasons? First of all, breathe – you wouldn’t have this interview if you didn’t deserve to be in the mix. Now, spend some time preparing to succeed, acing an agency interview is about demonstrating both experience and value. We have brought together 5 tips to ensure you impress on the day, below. 

1. Do Your Research

Every agency has a different ethos and specialism. It’s vital that you understand the brand and business before you step in the interview room. Research their website, projects they have been involved in, even how they leverage their social media. If you’re comfortable with who they are and what they stand for, it will be much easier for you to demonstrate how you could fit into their team. It’s also worth taking the time to get to know who your interviewer/s is/are and their industry background – doing your homework can be a great way to stand out from the crowd.

2. Demonstrate Experience (With Examples)

Agency interviews are often focused on your portfolio of past work, this means you have to be prepared to highlight key examples and discuss past projects. Focus on the projects where you can discuss the skills most relevant to the role you are interviewing for and spend some time thinking about how you can communicate key examples. You could even run through some scenarios with a colleague or friend to help you better understand how to vocalise your thoughts. Remember to show enthusiasm and passion for the work you have been involved in – agencies are looking for candidates who can offer more than a skills match on paper, they want someone who really cares about what they do.  

3. Focus on Results 

It’s important that you are able to connect your experience and expertise with tangible results. How did a campaign you were a part of impact monthly sales figures or visits to a website? Can you share some positive feedback from a client? This connection between what you have delivered and meaningful results is something that many candidates overlook and it can help to make you a memorable interviewee. 

4. Showcase Creative Thought

Most digital marketing roles require creative thinking, even if the role you are going for is not a directly creative one. This can be a difficult thing to demonstrate in an interview but one way to approach it is to prepare some examples of times when you thought outside the brief – when you approached a problem or project in an unexpected or creative way to achieve a goal. These examples can be invaluable in showing off your creative mindset. 

5. Get The Basics Right

You may be the most talented digital marketing professional in the world, but if you overlook basic interview etiquette then you are unlikely to be a contender for the role. Show up on time (or ideally a little early), dress smartly and appropriately for the role, and shake hands with everyone before the interview begins. Maintain appropriate eye contact and thank everyone involved for their time before you leave. It may also be sensible to send a short follow-up email thanking your interviewer/s for meeting with you. 

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