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Candidate screening: Do you know how to spot informed candidates?

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The best candidate screening processes not only identify the people with the right skills for the role but those who share your company culture and values. 

Candidate screening can be intensive and time-consuming, so it’s important to harness the right processes to find the very best candidates for the role. The most effective screening processes seek out informed candidates – these are the people who know more about your company, ask smarter questions, and are a better long-term fit for your organisation. But when you are faced with a pile of applications and limited time, it can feel tough to implement a smart screening process. Use these tips to identify the people who are the right fit for your business. 

Learn to Recognise Informed Applications 

Not all application forms are completed equally. Learning to recognise the signs of an informed applicant can help you to successfully identify potential hires at the very earliest stages of the search process. Informed candidates tailor their CV to match the skills required in the job description. They include a personalised cover letter that reflects on why they would be a good fit for the organisation, often with mention to values and mission. They may also identify a willingness to grow and improve their skills or come recommended through a high-value recruitment channel. Beware copy and paste CVs and application forms that are completed with minimal effort or specificity. 

Ask the Right Questions 

You are likely to have limited time with a candidate before you move to a face to face interview. Whether you have a short video or telephone call to screen a potential hire, it’s important that you make the most of it. These are the key areas you should focus on after identifying a potential new team member. 

Do They Understand the Role? 

The most switched-on candidates have done their research. They have a good grasp of the role and the skills they need to succeed. They can identify skills they may not have and outline their plans to improve. 

Are They Aligned with Your Mission? 

Informed candidates have done their research before they fill in their application form. Can candidates outline your values and mission and describe how their skills align to it? 

Will They Be a Great Fit for Your Culture? 

Questions about work style and career aspirations can help you get a good understanding of a candidate’s cultural comfort zone and identify those who are likely to be a match over the long-term.

Where Do They Go From Here? 

Informed candidates are thinking beyond the right now. They should have a working knowledge of the market and be aware of the likely challenges that your organisation may face. 

What Questions Do They Ask You? 

You can tell a lot about a candidate from the questions they ask. Do they ask specific questions about the role and the organisation? Are they interested in the company’s social presence and recent product developments? A genuine interest is the mark of an informed candidate. 

The right screening process can transform the way you connect with candidates and help you to make better and more successful hires. Looking to discover informed candidates and expand your team? Speak to Henry Nicholas today.