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Burger King VS McDonalds - Are you giving your competitors the McFeels?

Now you may remember in a bizarre turn of events, Burger King asked its customers to go directly to the competition in its “A Day Without the Whopper” campaign. 

On 26 September 2019, McDonald’s celebrated McHappy day - a fundraising campaign in Argentina where $2 from every Big Mac sale was donated to the Children with Cancer charity. And Burger King showed its full support by stopping sales of its number one product for the whole day and, instead, asking customers to support its arch-nemesis. 

This powerful marketing move melted the hearts of the internet, and it certainly isn’t the first time that Burger King has used competitor marketing to grab attention. But how can supporting your competitors in this way be good for business? We looked into the benefits of Competitor Marketing and how supporting your competition can actually work in your favour

Industry support

Firstly, without your competitors, there might be no industry at all. If the McDonald brothers hadn’t given consumers a taste for quick burgers, salty fries and hefty milkshakes, Burger King might not have been here at all. And today, when the nation’s attention is on healthy eats, it’s in the interests of both brands to keep fast food popular, desired and talked about. This campaign took the focus away from the negatives of fast food outlets and instead highlighted the positive actions of these brands.  

The greater good

Secondly, as in this case, sometimes there are more important matters at hand than who wins the burger war. McDonald’s was fundraising for an important charity and Burger King’s support led to a record-breaking McHappy Day that saw 73,437 more Big Macs sold than the previous year. That equated to $146,874 more for a cause far more worthwhile than a day of burger sales. 


And finally, this was incredible PR for the King. The internet went crazy, and Burger King received a huge amount of attention and praise for a day that was really McDonald’s’. Not only was attention received, but Burger King emerged from this heartwarming campaign as a caring and selfless brand, distancing itself from McDonald’s “big corporate” image and subtly highlighting the fact that McDonald’s didn’t do the same for Burger King on their charity day. 

And, while not a single Whopper was sold in Argentina on 26 September 2019, we don’t think this campaign hurt Burger King’s overall sales. In the words of Sanil Jain, co-founder of CupShup:

“Next time I see a whopper, I am gonna grab a bite.”

If you're looking for your next marketing challenge, or you’re searching for a marketing expert to rival Burger King’s, Henry Nicholas can help. Get in touch at or contact us on LinkedIn to find out more.