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The Northern Powerhouse - are you taking advantage?

Northern Powerhoue

Money, business and solidarity

You might think we’re talking about the latest series of the Peaky Blinders, and you wouldn’t be far wrong. The Northern Powerhouse is in one of its strongest positions yet, spelling a great 2020 ahead for businesses and candidates alike. 

The Northern pull

But it’s not just Thomas Shelby and his brothers who are stealing candidates and pulling businesses away from London. According to a recent report from Totaljobs, the North is attracting attention in its own right, thanks to:

The Northern pound

As the famous saying goes, “it’s cheaper up North,” and that remains relevant today. £1 in London is now worth £1.17 in the North - giving you 17% more bang for your buck. To put this in perspective, Northerners are paying £0.59 less per day on coffee, £42.65 less per month on travel, and £6,240 less per year on rent. 

Growing businesses

Northern England is home to 1 million businesses exporting £50 billion of goods across the world. Accordingly, it’s become a hotbed for investment, expansion, and jobs. At Henry Nicholas, we’ve seen an increase this year in marketing and PR jobs in cities including Manchester, York and Leeds. 

Northern soul

There’s a different way of life up North, which is why its cities dominate the happiness index. Candidates and businesses are motivated by earning enough to be comfortable, and workloads that get people home on time. A stark difference from salary-motivated Londoners who work an average of 150 hours overtime per year. 

Local pride

People and businesses are more proud of their region than the rest of the country, and this is reflected in overall employee happiness and business health. And it’s not going unnoticed. Relocations from London have tripled since 2010, leading to 75% of creative jobs now being outside of the capital. 

How you can get involved

So how can you as a business or employee get involved in the attraction that is the North? 


If you’re a Northern business looking to benefit from the influx of marketing and PR talent relocating to the North, we can help to:

  • Advice on local salaries and relocation support for your next vacancy; 

  • Benchmark your policies, including flexible working, against the rest of your industry; and

  • Build a local (and national) buzz about your business among talented candidates.


If you’re looking for a creative job that allows you to relocate up North, then you need to look in the right places. Sign up to local job boards, speak to a national creative recruitment agency and make it clear on your CV that you’re willing and eager to relocate

If you’re looking to join the Northern powerhouse, then get in touch with one of our Northern consultants today.