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Getting to know...Graeme Einfelds


Getting to know...Graeme Einfelds 

Each month, we sit down with a talented member of the Henry Nicholas team to find out a little more about what they do and what makes them tick. This week it was Graeme Einfelds’ turn in the hot seat as we talked Cyber Security, playing the long game, and recruiting in London, the M4 corridor, and Swindon. 

Graeme is an experienced recruitment consultant with a passion for all things tech. He joined the Henry Nicholas team in March and specialises in placing Cyber Security and Cloud professionals. 

Hi Graeme! Thanks for taking the time out to speak with us. What does a typical day look like for you at Henry Nicholas? 

A large part of my role is building a strong candidate base. It’s about playing the long game to gain trust and credibility within both the sector and the locations that I cover. Candidates may not be in a position to move right now, but they might be in the future, and also in a position to make future critical hire decisions  – and I want to be the one that they call. I also spend time speaking with current and potential clients about current threats, salary trends and the state of the market.

What sort of roles do you recruit for? 

I’m always looking for Cyber Security and Cloud professionals across London, Swindon, and the M4 corridor. This includes anything from Penetration Testers up to Heads of Cyber Security and CTO levels.

What do today’s candidates look for in an employer? 

I am seeing a lot of demand for roles at specialist consultancies. Simulated attack is the best form of defence in cyber tech, and this means being proactive, not reactive, to today’s data threats. There’s been an increase in candidates looking for opportunities that involve simulation exercises, Red Team events, and employers that can support them in attaining further certification. The Cyber Sec landscape is constantly shifting so they want exposure to the new tools and the cutting-edge technologies and methodologies that are hitting the market all of the time. I’m also seeing a real shift in salary and benefits expectations over the past year, as you can see in our recent Salary Guide. It’s definitely affecting the type of vacancies that top talent are applying for. 

How about employers? What are they looking for from candidates? 

Employers are interested in candidates who actively want to work with advancing tech. They are looking for experience in managing data breaches or preparing for them. People with a solid background in security, credible certification, and an ability to engage with clients and manage their security needs are the most sought after.

You have been with Henry Nicholas for three months now. How would you sum up your experience so far? 

In one word, collaborative. You have everything you need to succeed here. It’s a fantastic environment and the management team are incredibly supportive.

If you would like to chat with Graeme about a new Cyber Security or Cloud role in London, Swindon, or the M4 corridor get in touch at

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