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Top 8 things we learnt from Bath Digital Festival 2019

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Last month, we attended one of the biggest and most inclusive tech festivals in the South West - the Bath Digital Festival 2019. Now that we’ve had a chance to catch our breath, collate our findings, and recover from our favourite five days of the year, we’re ready to share our top eight takeaways. 

1. The future of work is today

Many businesses talk about recruiting for tomorrow, but how many realise that tomorrow soon becomes today? Victoria Johnson from Green Jay Talent Management discussed how tech companies need to create the future of work right now, to attract, retain and develop the talent they need tomorrow. This includes more flexibility, increased communication, reverse mentoring and even condensed hours. 

2. Video killed the content marketer

Video is still up there when it comes to customer engagement, yet many brands aren’t utilising video to its full extent (or at all.) Jack Cooke from Beyond the Brand shared his top tips for getting started with video marketing, including the importance of a hook, the need for a silver lining and that all-important call to action. 

3. But writing isn’t dead

Video may be a popular communication tool, but Amy Morse’s talk reassured us all that writing definitely isn’t dead. The UK publishing industry is now worth an impressive £6 billion, but it’s not only book lovers who are keeping the humble word alive. While video is certainly easier watching, reading can be quicker and more convenient depending on your content and audience. And, let’s not forget about Google’s love of words. The essential message: variety is key. 

4. Do you

With eventful lives and busy jobs, building a personal brand is probably not even on your to-do list. However, your personal brand is essential for establishing your career, connecting with the right people and giving yourself a little care and attention. Edward White from At Live got everyone thinking about how to “do you” better. The key takeaway? Consistency is key. 

5. Humane tech, or the humane use of tech?

Technology is developing quicker than ethics can keep up, and it’s harming our attention, mental health, relationships and, in some cases, democracy. Industry expert Dave McRobbie drove a thought-provoking discussion on whether humane tech or the humane use of tech is the answer, and where the responsibility falls.  We’d love to hear your thoughts over on our Twitter page

6. Influencer marketing has its place

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you’ll know that we’ve recently been discussing if influencer marketing has had its day. Joelle Engolia from Wilde & Wolfe was asking the same question while sharing her top tips for when to use influencers. This included for seasonal events, when your marketing niche has become oversaturated, and when you have genuine, authentic and valuable influencer content to share. 

7. AWS is topping Christmas lists

Wes Neary from Amazon Web Services gave us an introduction into Amazon Web Services and it was clear to understand why it’s one of Stack Overflow’s most loved platforms. With broad functionality, end-to-end security and scalable reliability it’s no wonder that one million customers are already using the platform. 

8. Keeping up-to-date keeps you up-to-scratch

Henry Nicholas is a regular face at the Bath Digital Festival and for good reason. Connecting talented candidates with exciting positions across technology, digital, data and insight, creative, and marketing & PR sectors require cutting-edge industry knowledge. 

To enhance your knowledge, book now for next years #BDF2020 and follow our blog for industry-relevant news, tips and insights.