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Video killed the radio star

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How to go beyond the brand with video

Back in the late 70s, The Buggles burst onto the scene with murderous accusations about video. Forty years on and video is still killing it by producing outstanding results for brands on social media and across the internet. Should you be fearful or thankful? Let’s find out. 

You only have to look at the stats to get excited about the potential of video content. Online videos receive 1200% more shares, 300% more clicks and plenty more attention than traditional written content.

Yet many brands suffer a bout of stage fright when it comes to recording and sharing marketing and PR videos. Last year, we attended the Bath Digital Festival 2019, where Jack Cooke from Beyond the Brand delivered an insightful session on the importance of video and how to create winning content. 

"Your video should be customer-focused and on-brand, so customers are gaining from your content and you're bringing value to the person on the other end. Be authentic to your brand."

Jack’s essential components for a successful brand video include:

1. A hook

Your video has only seconds to capture attention and encourage your audience to continue viewing. Therefore, it’s essential to deliver something of value in the opening scene.

2. Context

It’s also necessary to provide context at the beginning of the video. Setting the scene ensures that your audience understands what they’re about to view and how it applies to them. The last thing you want to do is mislead or frustrate viewers by making them watch something that’s not relevant to them. 

3. A question 

Successful videos get viewers thinking about a question and holding on for the answer. You don’t need to deliver a lengthy Q&A, but you do need to identify a common problem or pain point that the viewer needs solving. 

4. A silver lining

What’s a video without a happy ending? After identifying all the pain and heartache through your questions, deliver a silver lining by providing a solution or answer. 

5. Call to action

And, as everyone sails off into the sunset, it’s time to deliver a compelling call to action. What should the viewer do now that they’ve been a part of your Oscar-winning journey?

6. Execution

The humble word isn’t dead. Written content is essential for getting your video seen, clicked on and shared. Think of a short but catchy post to accompany your video on social media and don’t forget to tag the people and places featured too. 

In the words of Spielberg: 3, 2, 1, action...

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