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How to get the most value from your chosen recruitment partner

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Hiring a candidate that doesn’t stay far beyond their probation can be an expensive and frustrating process; with time wasted whilst interviewing, on-boarding and training, before you even consider their salary and recruitment costs.  Selecting the best recruitment consultancy for you, and building a proper relationship with your chosen agency will go a long way towards avoiding recruiting the wrong employee.

Let’s talk about how you can keep your chosen recruitment agency motivated, well-informed and connected throughout your working relationship and how this will improve the quality of candidates you receive. 

Becoming an extension of your employer brand

Your company has its own unique employer brand, derived from your way of working, the people you hire and the environment you provide for your employees. As a business you put an enormous amount of trust in a recruitment agency because they become your voice in the marketplace. You should expect them to talk with passion and knowledge to your future workforce, as if they are a part of your team. It is essential that you see your relationship with a recruitment agency as a partnership rather than a transactional relationship. The more information a recruiter can obtain from you, the better - especially about your business and what makes you different.  A visit to your office is also a must do exercise. While at your offices, you can talk through your latest work, introduce them to members of the team, allow them to pet any office dogs and chat through all the fun stuff you get up to. This information will help them select the right candidates from a culture fit perspective and will enable them to deliver an enthusiastic and accurate description of your employer brand in the marketplace. 

Providing Feedback

Consistent and regular feedback throughout the interview process will validate a recruiter’s opinion on the correct cultural fit, as well as the skillset required for each role. It’s imperative you provide your recruitment agency with feedback after both the CV submission stage and any face to face interviews. The reasoning behind your decision on who to interview and who to reject, who impressed and who did not, is so valuable. Recruitment should never be a guessing game; good recruitment consultants should filter and use this feedback to help them submit only a select number of candidates which they believe to be appropriate. Staying connected with your recruitment agency should go far beyond just regular candidate feedback.  They will want to hear all the good new things you are up to; awards you may have won, ideas to engage your workforce, new client wins and any new important hires.


Costs are often a taboo subject but are very important to address.  We understand that it’s valuable to control costs when running a business, but it’s equally important to have a motivated recruiter out fighting against the competition and using all of the available resources in their armoury to find the best people for your business. 

When negotiating, listen carefully to your recruitment partner as they talk through rates with you to establish the level of service you will receive for the fees that are being suggested. Of course you want to get the best deal but the best deal should represent the most value to your business. It's not just about bashing down the fee. If you settle on a rate that is fair for both parties, then you'll enable the recruiter to deliver the best service.

From my personal experience the time and effort you spend growing a relationship with your recruiter will directly correlate to the quality of the candidates you receive and the longevity of the people you hire. Do everything you can to engage your agency on a regular basis, appreciate and understand the value a great recruitment partner can add to your team.