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Positive news round up 4

Positive Vibes

Rolling into June things still feel a bit unclear, but at the same time, it also feels like lots has changed since our most recent Round up blog post 

If recruitment is a decent barometer for the market we operate then it feels like things are starting to open up again in the world of marketing and PR, data & insight, digital, tech and creative. Most of the team are still on furlough, but we’ve picked up a number of brand-new clients, and are busy helping them fill their roles, and some of our existing clients have seen an influx of new work meaning they’re hiring once again. Check out our latest vacancies here.

This is our fourth positive news round up blog and it’s is a snapshot of what’s happening out there – only the good stuff of course. Although at first glance this round up blog seems to be all about treat food and Netflix, there’s a lot more depth to this news I can assure you! And in case you do think we’re all just about takeaways and Netflix, we’ll start by mentioning our Running WhatsApp group which continues to keep us going and provides some balance in our lives.

We’re all setting ourselves goals, be it 100 miles, 100kms, 60kms or couch to 5km in a month, sharing our successes and motivating each other to get out in the fresh air and burn some calories has really helped. There is no doubt that without this group and the people contributing to it, we would not have achieved what we have achieved.

KFC “we’ll take it from here” 

London based creative agency Mother have teamed up with KFC to create their “we’ll take it from here” campaign to highlight the re-opening of their UK stores. A clever piece showing how the public have made efforts (of varying degrees of success) to recreate Colonel sander’s own famous recipe throughout the lockdown, as we definitely can’t cope without fried chicken! The tongue in cheek video has Celine Dion’s power ballad All by myself as the soundtrack and shows how we’re now ready for KFC to take back the reigns.

Netflix account support

Netflix has taken the decision to terminate the accounts that of people who aren’t using the service. The company announced that it is notifying customers who haven’t watched anything for 12 months and is asking if they wish to continue their subscription. In times where streaming activity is going through the roof, (Netflix signing up 15.8 million new subscribers in the first quarter of 2020) they are doing what they can to create goodwill.

Needless to say, it’s also a fantastic brand building exercise to send a message to all Netflix users that the company is mindful that many of us are cutting our spending at the moment, and also nudging customers who haven’t used the service in a long time to become active viewers, who are more likely to stay with them long term – we like this.

Waitrose and ITV "Pick for Britain"

Waitrose has partnered up with ITV to launch a campaign to recruit fruit and veg pickers across Britain to lessen the expected shortfall of 70,000 skilled migrants who are unable to travel due to restrictions. The video short and also national digital and print ads will encourage people to sign up online to prevent hundreds of thousands of tonnes of rotting fruit and veg going to waste.

The video hopes to instil a sense of British pride and shows potential recruits, even though it will be hard work it will be very rewarding. It’s an emotive campaign that hopes to capture the imagination of the public to step up in a time of crisis.

Maltesers "look on the light side"

AMV BBDO had an open brief for the Maltesers “look on the light side” which focuses on a group of mothers discussing on a zoom call what they’ve been doing in home lockdown to entertain the kids. It has humour that is intended to bring us together, however they are careful not to trivialise what can be an incredibly difficult time for people, Maltesers bring the campaign online and partner with Mind to offer mental health support for those struggling.

Just Eat "the job of takeaway"

JUST EAT and Snoop Dogg brought us “the joy of a takeaway” in their most recent ad. If you’ve not already seen it then check it out below. The ad, by McCann London was perfectly timed and no doubt helped serve up a lot more takeaways over the Bank Holiday weekend. Whether it brought a smile or a burger to you face, we think it really delivered!

HN News

In the last month we conquered our camera shyness and decided that now more than ever was the time to put out some helpful video content and host our first webinars. We wanted to talk about topics that would help job seekers and clients match themselves effectively, and as quickly and efficiently as possible. You can access our webinars free of charge on our new YouTube channel and the presentation slides are available on our LinkedIn company page. Don’t forget to subscribe, follow, comment and like so that these resources are seen by more people.

Here’s to feeling busier once again and these ripples of positivity reach everybody in our network!

If you’d like to talk to a member of the HN team about what the market might be like for you now, please just drop us a line.