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Are Your Workforce Part of the Millions Who DON’T Want To Be There?

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​The return to the office has become a widely discussed, debated, and catalogued topic in recent months - with workplaces across every sector considering the pros and cons of asking workers to come back to the office full time, part time, or on a more flexible basis.

As a marketing recruitment agency, a big part of our work with clients is in creating job profiles and vacancies, and matching candidates with the right job for them. Increasingly, that means understanding not only what the job role itself entails, but also what the candidate is looking for, and what the client is willing to offer in terms of flexibility.

Let’s take a closer look at the discussion around returning to the office, and what it means for companies and businesses looking to hire.

Returning to the Office - The Stats

A survey conducted by a UK-based tech firm reported that of the surveyed group, just 4% of workers are keen to see a full time return to the office. An overwhelming 82% of those surveyed opted for a hybrid working model as their preferred approach to working, while 59% ranked workplace flexibility as a key benefit that they look for when applying for new jobs.

While this survey was carried out by a tech firm, the findings are not exclusive to one industry - rather, this trend and the stats that support it is being seen across every industry and sector, from marketing to tech, HR, and beyond.

What’s more, this trend isn’t just being seen in the recruitment sector but also with regards to retention. Employees who don’t feel like they are being given the same options and flexibility in the workplace are increasingly likely to leave their current role for one which offers more of a focus on the work-life balance.

But what does this mean for companies looking to recruit?

What does workplace flexibility look like?

If a business is to optimise its current workforce, and successfully work alongside marketing recruitment agencies in order to entice and draw in new talent, it needs to re-evaluate the current employee offering and put a spotlight on those areas which do not fall under the direct remit of the job role.

That is, by acknowledging that employees have commitments outside of work, and by giving them the flexibility to manage their own time, businesses put more trust in their workers and thus give those employees and workers more of a reason to stay loyal (or apply for a role at that business in the first place).

And why not! After all, if Covid-19 and the great work from home movement has taught us anything, it’s that employees can work from home, that productivity can maintain a consistent level, and that remote meetings and conferences can not only work but also boast their own array of benefits.

Businesses and companies that are willing to make hybrid and flexible working work for their employees, have a far better chance of attracting, recruiting, and retaining the top level talent across all industries.

Here’s how to make it work for your business.

How to harness this information in your business

The first and most obvious step is to review your current recruitment campaign, working with a reputable marketing recruitment professional or agency to create job profiles which stand out for all the right reasons. By outlining all of the important employee benefits on the job vacancy advertisement, companies can showcase their commitment to employee wellbeing both inside and outside of work and attract the upcoming talent pool which celebrates flexible working, training and development opportunities, and more.

The simple fact is that employees and candidates rule the marketplace right now, with many industries and sectors still seeking ways of enticing and drawing in candidates to fill the gaps in their business and in their potential business growth. To focus on marketing recruitment particularly, digital marketing and the shift online means that businesses are more focussed than ever on how to build their online presence - making tech and marketing professionals a highly sought after asset in the recruitment market.

The best way to make sure that your company is in with a chance of recruiting the best in the business? Make sure that your recruitment drive and job vacancies touch on and highlight the areas which matter to employees - starting with flexible working.

For more support on how to make your recruitment the best it can be, get in touch with our marketing recruitment agency team today.