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The Top In Demand Digital and Marketing Jobs and Skills in 2022 and Beyond

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The Top In Demand Digital and Marketing Jobs and Skills in 2022 and Beyond

COVID-19 significantly accelerated UK digital transformation efforts, allowing businesses to respond to new trends such as online shopping, video marketing, and web-based customer communications. In 2021, the majority of customer interactions took place entirely online - meaning traditional marketing departments rapidly needed to enhance their approach to sales activity.

With 28 percent of UK consumers actively using social media platforms to look up brands, social media has remained a prominent tool in product research. Increasing engagement and reviews on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok has continued to drive revenue across the business landscape.

As a result of ongoing digital transformation, approximately 53,500 new marketing positions became available in the UK last year, as UK businesses sought digital experts to assist them:

  • Analyze audience data.

  • Analyze data to better understand your target audience.

  • Turn leads into sales.

We expect the surge in demand for in-house digital and marketing positions to continue for the rest of 2022 creating ideal opportunities for recent graduates. Throughout the year, a number of businesses will look to collaborate with experienced freelancers and contractors to secure the critical human resources required to target audiences online.

Marketing and Digital Jobs in High Demand in 2022

There are five major types of in-demand marketing and digital jobs that UK businesses are currently looking to fill. While the shortage in these areas can be attributed to national talent labour shortages, we are also dealing with a problem in which candidates may lack the necessary digital proficiency for a post-pandemic world.

Recruiters are assisting marketing and digital graduates in taking control of their own career paths by teaching them how to navigate new software platforms that can help them automate tasks and be more efficient in the workplace. This will help them stand out and land a position in one of the in-demand positions, where benefits and pay are increasing.

1. Positions of Leadership

According to open listings on LinkedIn, there are over 18,000 unfilled Executive Marketing roles in the United Kingdom alone. When combined with other Marketing Director, Marketing Manager, and Head of Marketing positions, the Uk is in serious trouble. Without effective leadership, teams will struggle to work together, and businesses will become less adaptable to market changes. Because of the growing Internet of Things, these positions, as well as Digital Leads, Digital Managers, and Head of Digital Transformation, will be critical for the future of UK businesses.

2. Internet Coordinators

The majority of marketing job roles, such as Social Media Managers, SEO/PPC Managers, Digital Marketers, and CRM Managers, continue to require expert digital skills that are in short supply. Digital Web Producers, Digital Strategists, and Digital Advisors are some of the other online coordinators who will help UK businesses grow.

3. Information Analysts

As Google's 2022 update shifts customer data collection away from cookies, creative Marketing Analysts, Customer Insight Analysts, and Digital Analysts will be needed to create one-of-a-kind solutions. Businesses will be looking to fill these roles as soon as possible in order to stay online, which may help graduates advance to exciting new job positions.

Without these professionals, whether at the graduate or senior levels, ad spend may not be effectively targeted, and ROI may suffer.

4. Digital Transformation Facilitators

For businesses to successfully undergo digital transformation, a wide range of job roles are required, from product development to end-user services. Here are a few examples of digital jobs that will be in high demand in 2022 and into next year:

  • Managers of Digital Projects

  • Entrepreneurs in Digital Sales

  • Coordinators of Digital Web and Content

  • Managers of Digital Products

5. Customer-Facing Positions

Finally (but not least), customer-facing positions will allow businesses to communicate with international audiences, thereby expanding their potential for growth. Account Managers, Customer Service Representatives, Marketing Assistants, and Marketing Executives will be critical in maintaining relationships between marketing agencies and their clients - and will be in high demand in 2022.

Marketing and Digital Skills in High Demand in 2022

Marketing and digital have always been creative industries, with teams of people working together to capture the attention of their target audience.

2022, on the other hand, highlights new opportunities for graduating marketing and digital talent. Candidates must demonstrate their proficiency with multiple platforms in order to compete in an environment where digital skills are essential. 

Skills in high demand include:

  • Web Development: Many marketers require the assistance of web developers in order to design effective websites for their businesses and clients. To understand customer movements, digital transformation specialists will need to understand how to optimise these sites.

  • UX/UI Design: Marketers should understand UX/UI design when developing campaigns that include assets such as email newsletters and creating strong CTAs.

  • Video Marketing: In 2022, the average UK consumer will watch 100 minutes of video content per day, making video marketing (and editing) a critical skill for qualified talent.

  • Cloud Computing: Marketers and digital servants alike will need to communicate with customers via various cloud functions, and familiarity with the major providers will be essential.

  • Big Data: Data Analysts must demonstrate their ability to use platforms that can process big data and derive meaningful customer insights from the results. This will put them in a better position to advise on the future of digital transformation within their organisations.

  • Content Marketing: As Google's Algorithm evolves, optimising SEO and content marketing efforts becomes more difficult. Staying on top of new rules, regulations, and trends will assist marketers in assisting businesses in securing top SERP positions.

Job Opportunities in Marketing and Digital in 2022

This establishes a precedent in which marketing teams will manage critical budgets and digital talent will be required to assist in the execution of online marketing strategies.

With such a wide range of new skills being demanded of available talent, landing a competitive job as a graduate may be difficult. It is recommended that marketing and digital candidates network with recruiters in order to find the best positions for them that either:

  • Provide digital skills training.

  • Match their current strengths.

Instead of approaching businesses individually, newly-qualified talent can get a head start by communicating with specialist marketing recruiters. This will not only save them time when applying for jobs, but it will also put their name at the top of the pile for the job of their dreams.

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