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Fancy Working in Marketing? Here’s Nine Reasons You Should!

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If you're seeking a job that will allow you to use your creativity, communication skills, and analytical ability, marketing may be the field for you. And, with so many positions to pick from, there's certain to be something that matches your ability.

Here are nine compelling reasons why you should work in marketing:
​It provides good job opportunities.

Marketing is a booming market!

As technology advances, you may not only be involved in innovative and interesting marketing strategies, but you could also apply what you learn to advance in the field.

And with a variety of job options to select from – whether you want to work in management, analytics, product design, or anything else - there is only one way to go.

A degree is not required.

While a degree is required for some marketing positions, it is not always required.

In reality, there are other methods to begin a career in this industry, including acquiring work experience through an internship or placement, enrolling in a school, or even working independently. Keeping up with industry advances through webinars or conferences is another excellent approach to exhibit your abilities.

​Other options include beginning in sales and working your way into marketing or taking an entry-level position as a Marketing Assistant.

​You'll be able to put your abilities to use (nearly) everywhere.

​Marketing is an essential component of practically any business. This implies that your skills will be sought for in a wide range of sectors. You'll always be able to work on anything you're passionate about, whether you want to work for a digital marketing firm, your favourite company, or even a charity.

​Also, because marketing careers teach you everything from commercial awareness and critical thinking to interpersonal skills and creativity, you'll be gaining an excellent set of transferrable abilities for whichever role you choose. ​

You will have the opportunity to be creative.

​Marketing is, by its very nature, one of the most creative sectors, necessitating a steady stream of fresh ideas and inventive approaches. You will not only be responsible for developing new and successful strategies, but you will also need to think outside the box in order to beat the competition. ​

So you'll be able to use your imagination in a range of areas, from basic campaign concepts to minor elements like copy or artwork.

There is no limit to what you can do.

The marketing sector offers a diverse range of employment opportunities, including public relations, content creation, and social media management, as well as event planning, analytics, and account administration.

However, it is not simply the job titles that differ. Marketers can also use a variety of media, including SEO and email marketing, as well as mobile applications, blogs, and press releases.

Whatever your talents are (and how you wish to communicate), there will be something for you.

You will gain knowledge from your triumphs (and mistakes)

Marketers have the chance to achieve great success with their work. Not only may you be improving an organization's image, reputation, and revenues, but you'll also be able to witness the outcomes.

You'll gain a wide range of audience insights using technologies like Google Analytics - and analysing and interpreting this data might tell you not just what you're doing wrong, but also what you're doing correctly.

You'll learn how to be diplomatic.

Marketing is all about determining the most effective approach to interact with people. You will learn the capacity to be tactful in your approach through a mix of commercial awareness and insights into different personality types - something that is incredibly helpful in any job, as well as all aspects of life in general.

​​So, if you want to learn more about what makes specific people tick and what drives audience engagement, a job in marketing might be for you. ​

It's a social and collaborative environment.

You know what they say about there being no 'I' in marketi...oh wait. Okay, the letters may be misleading, but this industry is all about the people.

Not only will you spend your days figuring out how to communicate with your audience, but you'll also spend a lot of time internally brainstorming — in order to come up with well-thought-out creative ideas for campaigns.

This makes marketing an ideal job for anybody wishing to use and grow existing communication skills, collaborate with others, and learn new ones.

You could increase your take-home.

Because marketing specialists are in high demand, pay expectations are high. Not only may people working in this area earn an average of £39,000, but incomes are also on the up compared to previous year. They might increase much higher if you want to advance within the sector.

What if you advance to the greatest level? Marketing Directors might make up to £80,000 on average…let's be honest, there's nothing wrong with a little ambition...

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