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Tony Allen

Principal Consultant

Tony has worked in recruitment for over a decade, joining Henry Nicholas just a month after it was established. With a masters in Physics from the University of Bristol, Tony has a natural interest in UX and planning, which has served him well with clients and candidates in this field. Tony works with some of the best Marketing agencies and top brands in the UK and has successfully placed 300 candidates during his time with the company. A proud father to a lively toddler, Tony is partial to cheese, craft beers and house renovations in his life outside of work.

Fast facts 

Can do the splits (left foot forward only)

Has spent over 48 hours in various tattoo artists’ chairs

Owns two bikes - a full sus’ mountain bike and a stealthy-looking carbon road bike

Known for dance moves such as “the lunge” and “the bug dance AKA the T Rex”

Can name most UK birds on sight 

Loves dinosaurs

Logs beers using the app “Untappd”. Has tried over 600 unique beers since April 2016.

​Guilty pleasures 
Pokemon Go. At the time of writing, Tony (AKA Badgehog) is a level 35 Pokemon trainer with an almost-complete Pokedex including all available Legendaries.

What his colleagues say about him
“Pretty sure Tony’s aim is to become the most hipster, hipster of all hipsters – loves craft ale, beards, tattoos, mountain biking, dinosaurs, even has a hipster baby called Sky!”

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