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SEO Manager Jobs

SEO Manager Jobs

A search engine optimization (SEO) professional employs digital analytics and marketing expertise to improve a company's online exposure.

As an SEO manager, you will discover methods, approaches, and tactics to improve the amount of visits to a website and achieve a high ranking in search engine results pages. You will open up new prospects for driving growth and profit by generating more leads for the firm.

This form of work is known as content marketing or conversion rate optimization, and you may be referred to as an online marketer or digital account executive.


As an SEO manager, you'll need to:

  • programme in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to ensure the site is accessible and easy to navigate, as well as to promote engagement with visitors - this may include dealing with video and PDFs.

  • execute pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to boost income via sponsored web advertising

  • provide unique content for websites that is suited to the target audience

  • give technical suggestions to developers

  • Check search phrases, rankings, and statistics on a regular basis to evaluate the performance of client websites and give recommendations for improvement.

  • Discuss link-building prospects with other businesses (affiliates) in order to get paid compensation for attracting people to their websites.

  • To convert visitors into more active users and to assist enhance website speed, apply user experience (UX) and conversion rate optimization strategies.

  • Community building may be used to attract focused and loyal traffic to a website.

  • Use social media to disseminate material and encourage additional external sites to connect to it, giving you greater authority.

  • create and implement content marketing strategies

  • To stay up with changes, keep an eye on the search engines' algorithms.

SEO Manager Salary

SEO professionals often earn roughly £18,000 as trainees, but may earn up to £28,000 at an agency.

With greater experience, executive and managerial positions may pay between £25,000 and £36,000.

Top in-house posts in London tend to pay more than agency ones, with typical wages for head of department positions in the region of £47,000 and director-level positions in the region of £130,000.

Experienced freelancers may fetch hefty pay rates.

The income statistics are solely provided as a guide.

"Typical" Working Pattern

Working hours are typically from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you're analysing traffic for a huge marketing campaign and there's a deadline approaching, you might need to work some evenings and weekends.

Part-time and job-sharing opportunities are available in this field. Recruitment agencies are the most common source of short-term contracts. Work from home and flexible work schedules may be options.

What to anticipate as an SEO manager

SEO Manager jobs necessitates a continual examination of your abilities as well as keeping up with ever-changing technical breakthroughs and trends. You can accomplish this by reading SEO and internet marketing blogs and staying up to date on changes in search engine algorithms, particularly those of Google. You'll also need to devote time and energy to developing link-building techniques.

You'll need to be adaptable because your tasks will most likely be varied; you may be programming one day and generating fresh material for websites the next. However, you will frequently have a lot of say over how you manage your workload.

The conventional SEO market is highly competitive, yet it is thriving and expanding. SEO specialists are expected to be in high demand in the future. See our blog here on the future of SEO

SEO manager jobs may be found at major corporations with marketing departments, and they are often located in cities and towns around the United Kingdom. Digital marketing and media companies are likewise more likely to be found in large cities. Global agencies are more likely to provide prospects to work overseas. For experienced SEO professionals, self-employment as a freelance SEO consultant is a viable option.

You may be needed to travel, particularly in freelance and agency professions where client visits are an important part of the business - sophisticated attire may be necessary for these trips.

Qualifications for SEO Manager Jobs

This field is available to all graduates, however a degree in a related field such as IT, business and technology, or marketing may be very beneficial.

With an HND or foundation degree, you can enter graduate-level SEO/marketing employment, but you must have extensive, relevant experience and technical expertise.

A growing number of UK institutions are offering postgraduate diplomas in digital marketing, which, while not required, may be useful for broadening your skills and knowledge, especially if you have a non-related first degree. Look for postgraduate digital marketing courses.

SEO and digital marketing certifications are available from:

Skills needed for SEO Manager Jobs

You must provide:

  • real enthusiasm for SEO and/or digital marketing

  • proof of a strong online personal presence, such as a blog, website, or connections and interactions on numerous social media platforms

  • a dedication to updating your technical skills and knowledge

  • an inquisitive mentality that leads you to comprehend Google's algorithms and forecast potential changes

  • a thorough knowledge of search engines

  • strong understanding of social media platforms and how to utilise them to disseminate material, generate links, and create effective campaigns

  • a strong knowledge of public relations and how to get the appropriate messages out there

  • a knowledge of how people search, where they look, and why they buy anything online

  • a solid grasp of the larger marketing context

  • good intellectual abilities for comprehending ranking algorithms

  • good communication abilities in order to educate, enlighten, manipulate, and mediate among a variety of stakeholders in an organisation

  • a working knowledge of HTML code, and preferably Javascript and PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor)

  • Microsoft Office competence and a thorough understanding of Excel

  • some web hosting experience and expertise

Working knowledge

An undergraduate SEO/digital marketing placement or internship with a big graduate recruiter is the greatest approach to obtain solid experience in SEO. There will be a lot of competition for positions, so apply to as many as you can.

If you want to gain local job experience, consider contacting digital marketing agencies, nonprofits, and marketing departments of local businesses. Any professional experience in which you contribute to develop an organization's website is valuable. You may even create your own website or blog to showcase your abilities.

From relevant professional organisations and digital marketing businesses, you may discover information and guidance on how to enter into SEO job, including information on various digital marketing career routes.

Learn more about the many types of work experience and internships offered.

Potential Employers

Most businesses and organisations with an online presence, particularly those offering products and services, will require some amount of SEO assistance. As a result, SEO professionals are in high demand, but you'll have to be innovative in your job hunt.

Large corporations will hire SEO experts to work in their marketing departments. SEO professionals are likely to be employed by SMEs, but you will most likely have a broader marketing scope. Many SEO professionals choose to operate by themselves or in a small agency.

You might begin your career in this field by working for a digital marketing agency to get experience before moving on.

Using a dedicated digital marketing recruitment agency such as Henry Nicholas is a great place to start if you're looking for your next adventure!

Professional advancement

Once hired as an SEO professional, you will often undergo on-the-job training in the company's digital marketing technologies. These vary, but some examples include:

  • Adobe Creative Suite is used to create internet banners.

  • Google AdWords for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns

  • For web analytics reporting, use Google Analytics and Facebook Insights.

Many firms offer financial assistance for pursuing professional certificates such as those given by the CIM. These are some examples:

  • Foundation Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing at Level 3

  • Professional DigitalMarketing Level 4 Certificate

  • Professional DigitalMarketing Level 6 Diploma

  • See CIM Qualifications for further details.

  • The IDM also has professional credentials, such as:

  • Digital Marketing Professional Diploma

  • Data-Driven Marketing Professional Diploma

A smaller organization's training is more likely to be practical and rigorous, with more broad-ranging duties early on. This may fit certain graduates better than working on a graduate training plan for a larger organisation.

Because of the rapid advancements in emerging technologies, continuing professional development (CPD) is essential in SEO manager jobs. There are a variety of short courses available to aid with this, such as those given by CIM etc as listed above.

Prospects for a Career in SEO

As an SEO professional, you have several career options. Typically, you'll begin as a junior intern and work your way up to SEO executive. As you advance in your profession, you may become an SEO manager or account manager, then head of SEO to head of digital. However, you might also go from SEO executive to copywriter and eventually into a larger digital marketing function.

If you work for a firm that provides on-the-job training and supports CPD, you might advance to more experienced jobs such as SEO manager within two to five years. To advance to senior marketing positions, it is becoming increasingly necessary to have additional qualifications.

When you attain the rank of digital account director, you will be in charge of managing accounts, strategy, and digital marketing campaigns. You'll be in charge of budgeting, as well as training and coaching junior members of the team.

You can earn chartered status with the CIM if you have experience and can demonstrate that you fulfil the stipulated standards, which includes a particular degree of CPD. This can aid in professional advancement, and further information is accessible at the CIM's CPD page.

For you can see our SEO Manager Jobs or call the team today for an initial, informal discussion.

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